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Over more than a decade of professional history, GB has been developing timely, efficient and cost-effective corporate solutions
toward leveraging its clients’ business in a joint effort with their decision-makers, so as to turn this endeavor into an innovative
experience with greater range of vision and paths.

The extensive experience of our corporate consulting firm allows us to provide our clients – in an agile and focused way – with a range of alternatives to make easible and maximize their projects,

thus allowing new business models or solutions to be achieved.

We learn with our clients to think not only of their corporate operation, but also of how they conduct their business, in order to contribute significantly to the
improvement of their management process in the areas of our expertise.

Our business portfolio carried out, complexity of the cases, overall servicing and the size of clients served represent the clearest recognition of GB’s professional competence.

With an in-depth analysis of the breadth of client business, trends and the business and economic scenario in which it is inserted, GB has been able to offer solutions that allow its clients to reach the best practices and the best results in their projects.

In view of the international experience held by our professionals, the methodology adopted by GB in the development of the projects is in line with those adopted by large national and international firms.


Tax Planning

Aimed at identifying tax-savings opportunities in the businesses’ operations, we develop creative, lawful strategies that enable the use of tax benefits based on the concerned business activity particulars and prevailing legislation. This work may be developed both for the company’s daily routine operations and upon occurrence of any special event, such as, among others, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, consolidation, and investment purchase.

Detailed Tax Mapping

This service is aimed at providing detailed information to the company’s top management about all taxes levied on operations throughout all stanges of the production process or on the rendering of services, so as to identify any procedural tax irregularities, or even unduly paid of taxes. The methodology adopted in this connection consists of mapping the tax-triggering event at each service/production phase to preemptively identify applicable taxes as appropriate, as well as any unpaid, unduly paid, or overpaid taxes.

Periodic Tax Compliance Review

Periodic tax compliance review are aimed at identiftying noncompliance with tax procedures required to be adopted by companies in ligth of prevailing tax legislation. This review work encompasses effectively ascertaining the bases of assessment for taxes, applicable tax rates, goods’ tariff classification and fulfillment of acessory obligations (e.g .tax returns). This work also seeks to crosscheck, on a preemptive basis, the various pieces of tax information (Public Digital Tax Bookkeeping System – SPED) reported to and possibly crosschecked by the tax authorities to identify any differences that may give rise to tax contingencies to businesses.

Transfer Pricing

Our firm provides guidance for adoption of the tranfer pricing method deemed most suitable to your company, so that applicable legislation requirements may be fully met. This guidance further comprises an analysis of documents and information required for transfer pricing purposes.

Equity Planning

This service seeks to offer alternatives to business groups’ equity management, with a view to identifying opportunities for operacional cost reduction, asset profitability optimization, tax burden minimization, succession planning for the shareholders’ family, corporate reorganization and remodeling, as well as other strategies aimed at streamlining the businesses’ operations.

Corporate Model Definition

Corporate models’ structuring that meets businesses economic, financial, and legal objectives when making new investiments, restructuring the business, or buying and selling assets. Alternatives to most effectively using tax benefits provided for by legislation, so as to minimize the tax burden underlying operations.

Multidisciplinary Due Diligence Review

More than a service aimed at identifying contingencies associated with ‘on-the-spot’ M&A operations, due diligence reviews have become an important management tool for companies ‘ controllers, who seek to preemptively identify, from time to time, any undisclosed liabilities that may be adjusted well before audits from the competent authorities.

Business Restructuring And Tournaround

Premised on know-how acquired by our firm in new and developing businesses’ restructuring by adopting own methodologies related to new alternatives for management, strategy, and marketing, the purpose of this service is to remodel businesses whose economic model has been exhausted, or identify new drivers for fast-growing businesses; in addition, whenever necessary, this service contemplates the use of new mechanisms introduced by the newly enacted Business Recovery Law.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The global corporate expertise gained by the firm allows our professionals to develop these services from a broader perspective, encompassing identification of a business stakeholders (buyer, seller, and investor) all the way through the operation closing, checking asset-and liability-related contingencies (due diligence review), the operation’s formal structuring, cash flows studies, and particularly, the tax impact arising from the project.

Special Project Structuring

This Consultancy is aimed at the structuring of special projects and large enterprises for the development of new business (startup/desruptive tecnology). Our expertise includes corporate and tax modeling as well as support for raising funds through Private Equity, Venture Capital, National and International investment Banks (World Bank, BID, IFC, BAII, JICA, BDNES), the setting up of Investment Funds and Public-Private partnerships. For these projects we will analyze the foreign exchange market, regulatory and fiscal aspects, with a view to the establishment of the rules for corporate governance and compliance and thus the most appropriate and efficient structure for the client to achieve their strategic planning aims.

Environmental Matters

With an ever-greater corporate concern about the environment and more intense initiatives by the competent authorities, monitoring compliance with environmental rules and regulations more closely becomes a must. We keep focus on this matter both for new and developing operations conducted by companies. In case the authorities impose fines and/or penalties for noncompliance with legal requirements, we are also poised to defend the companies’


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